Now that we’re two days into the New Year, I’m going to do a brief review of 2016:

I started off the year with a new business name, Pet Love Photography, which I feel has been a very positive change as it reflects what my business is all about.

The very first day of 2016 I started by photographing some rescue pets. In total, I photographed almost 300 rescue pets in 2016, most of those during the first six months of the year.

Pet Love Photography Rescue Dog and Cat Photography 2016

I joined the organization, HeARTsSpeak in 2016 because it’s an organization dedicated to giving back to rescue through the arts. It’s a global community of photographers and other creatives that help give back to animal rescue through donation of time and skills, so that every animal has a chance to be seen.

In 2016 I fostered 13 rescue pets (Paisley, Hoss, Rufus, Bowie, Tinkerbell, Diana, William, Harry, George, Kate, Charlotte, Lolita, and Gigi) and temporary fostered three others (Paco, Kylo, and Griffin). Sadly, my very first foster, Paisley (the toy poodle mix in the upper left corner below), passed away after she was adopted last year.

I adopted two pets in 2016, one was a foster (Diana) and the other a temporary foster (Paco). Paco was adopted in February, about a month after he and Mr. Bojangles started a bromance.

Paco is a fabulous addition to the Pet Love Photography family and is always the perfect model (although Mr. Bojangles is still the official spokesdog and main model.) I really think Paco was meant to be a photographer’s dog. 🙂

Diana is no slouch herself on the model end…but she still has some work to do on staying when not in a “cat trap.”

I also transported quite a few dogs and a couple cats on their freedom rides. I commemorated one of my first freedom ride passengers, Joanna, on my new business cards.

Also in 2016, the BF moved back from California, where he’d been living for almost a year for his job. Paco joined the family while the BF was away, but I’m happy to say that they’ve bonded quite well.

The year 2016 saw me end a relationship with one rescue and start volunteering my services with the League for Animal Welfare and also start volunteering on the Petcasso planning committee for Pets in Need of Greater Cincinnati. If you are a rescue group or other animal-related charity and would like some pro bono photography service, please contact me to discuss your needs.

There were also quite a few silent auction donations I made in 2016 for charitable causes. If you have a fundraising event (pet related or not), please contact me regarding possible donations as I’m always willing to give back as I can, but I do limit the number of donations for each year.

In 2016, I also saw many new clients, and some repeat clients (two of my favorite repeat clients, below, Sophie and Tinker), as well. I’m hoping for more of both in 2017! If you are a past client or just love my work and would like to earn some referral credits, contact me today for your referral program cards.

Stay tuned for some exciting things to come in 2017!


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