February is a month of celebrating birthdays and anniversaries for the Pet Love pack. Not only is it the anniversary of the “Gotcha Days” for both Paco and Stella, it’s Mr. Bojangles’ birthday.
While Mr. Bojangles’ “Gotcha Day” is coming up in March, we celebrate his birthday on February 14. Valentine’s Day, February 14, is a perfect day for Mr. Bojangles’ birthday, as he embodies love. This year he turned eight years old. Below is an image of what he looked like when he came to Cincinnati-based rescue Recycled Doggies in February of 2011 (photo courtesy of his foster mom, Debbie). His name was “Rags” and he was rescued from a high kill shelter in rural southern Kentucky. 

Mr. Bojangles Formerly known as Rags

Mr. Bojangles certainly leads a life of riches today, so he literally (a favorite word of my friend, Scott), went from “rags” to riches.

Last year for Mr. Bojangles’ birthday, he got a new brother…Paco. He and Paco had hit it off when Paco stayed with us for a few days in January 2016 while his foster mom was on vacation. Paco’s “Gotcha Day” was February 13, 2016. He was rescued from a hoarding situation in West Virginia by One By One Animal Advocates and brought into rescue in January of that year.

Here is Paco as he is loaded onto the transport from West Virginia (photo from Facebook.com/OneByOneAnimalAdvocates.)

I met Paco the day he arrived in rescue in Ohio. Here is his rescue intake photo.

Since then, Paco has been a joyful addition to our little pack. And the perfect photographer’s dog.

Paco the Biker Chihuahua

Sunny Disposition Paco

Stella, a little camera shy in her old age, also has a “Gotcha Day” anniversary in February. She was adopted in 2008 from a rescue based out of Indiana. We had adopted our first dog, Stanley, from the same rescue in June of the previous year and decided that he needed a friend to help with his separation anxiety. Stella and Stanley became great friends and were their own little pack of two until Mr. Bojangles joined us in 2011. Stanley passed away after a battle with cancer in September 2012. We still miss him every day.

Here’s a picture of Stanley from early 2012, prior to his cancer diagnosis.

I don’t often get to photograph Stella, especially since she’s gotten a bit grumpy in her older age; however, every once in a great while she will cooperate with me.

Red Hat Society Dog, Stella the Bagle

Soulful Stella the Bagle

So, “Happy Birthday” to Mr. Bojangles and “Happy Gotcha Day” to both Paco and Stella. We couldn’t imagine life without any of you! ♥

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