Happy New Year! We’ve made it to 2020 and to a new round of the professional pet photography Project 52 blog circle. Just like the year, our blog circle project is a “blank slate,” which happens to be our theme for this week. We started off the year with a New Year’s Day walk in our favorite park. Over the years, I’ve taken many photographs of Mr. Bojangles on our posing log. Even though I’ve taken many photos there with both my regular camera and with my phone camera, I still continue to take pictures. As a professional pet photographer I, of course, want you to hire me (or another professional) to take those special portraits and high-quality images that you display as large wall pieces; however, that doesn’t mean those should be the only images you have. So, this week I wanted to encourage you to take on a personal project and photograph your pets every day. We never know how long we have with them and we need to make sure that we treasure each day that we do have.

For the past almost eight years, I’ve been committed to a personal project of posting a picture of Mr. Bojangles on social media every day as his “picture of the night.” This year I’m going to commit to posting a picture every day of Lola, as well. Sometimes these are pictures I’ve taken with my camera, but most of the time they are taken with my iPhone because the best camera you have is the one in your hand. Generally, the pictures I share in these blog posts are from my professional camera and fully edited, but this time I wanted to share my images from our New Year’s Day walk in the park taken with my iPhone. The photos like these are the daily memories that I treasure, but I also treasure and appreciate the images I take for myself that are what I would provide to clients. Either way, I just want to make sure that you have the photographic memories because once they are gone it’s too late. I’ve never regretted taking too many images, just not taking enough.


See what’s ahead for Angela Schneider of Noses & Toes Pet Photography, unabashedly celebrating your love for your dog in Spokane and North Idaho, then head around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here. 

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