I’m excited to finally announce something I’ve been working on for a while: bumper shots! In television broadcasting bumpers are images shown on screen for a few seconds that transition between a program and another program or between a program and a commercial break. These bumpers are still images or short clips that often advertise another show, or sometimes just promote the show you are currently watching. The bumpers usually appear on screen for ten seconds or less. If you are a fan of the NBC show, Saturday Night Live, you have seen many bumpers over the years. Mary Ellen Matthews is the photographer responsible for so many of the bumper shots for SNL. She has been a photographer with SNL since 1992, and took over as head photographer in 1999. She has done some fabulous, fun, and creative work over the years and is an inspiration in getting creative with this type of work. 

So, what does that translate to in pet photography? What are Pet Love Photography’s bumper shots? They are brightly colored, bold, graphic images starring your pet. These will be special, limited edition sessions offered in 2017. Each session will include one, 16×9 framed print, with the option to buy additional framed prints for a set to display on your walls. These will be a fun and bright addition to any decor. Because of the nature of these images, creative post-production work is involved, so the pricing will reflect the time to create the final images.

If you would like to book a custom bumper shot pet portrait session or one of our other pet portrait sessions send us an email to suzi [at] petlovephotography.com, or give us a call at 513-655.5696.

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