Another Friday brings us to another professional pet photography Project 52 blog circle post. This week we are at Week 25 and continuing with our exploration of light with backlighting. Backlighting is pretty much what it sounds like, lighting from behind. For this week, I had the idea of getting some nice evening light before sunset to glow in the background behind Mr. Bojangles. So, Mr. Bojangles and I headed out to our favorite local park, along with a new prop I recently got at Second Story Auctions thanks to a tip from a fellow local photographer (thanks, Carol!). Unfortunately, I didn’t time my visit to the park quite right and the sun was too far gone behind the trees to get the look I wanted; however, I did end up with a couple of images that had just a hint of backlight. I made a few adjustments to my camera settings and to my fill lighting to get slightly different looks in each of the following images (along with some post production adjustments with some new editing software.)

I am definitely going to go out a little earlier one night and try this again so I get exactly what  I was going for, since I didn’t take into account the direction the sun goes down in relation to the topography of the park. 

To see more backlit images, head over to see what Kim with BARKography, based in Charlotte, NC, has created, and then around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here.

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