For Week 30 of professional pet photography blog circle Project 52 we were charged with the subject of “bath time.” Now, Mr. Bojangles was not too happy to hear that our subject was bath time, but it worked out for me as it was time to give him a bath anyway. Because Mr. Bojangles is a little dog, he gets a bath in the kitchen sink. 

Because Mr. Bojangles has wiry hair that doesn’t get super long, he only gets professionally groomed once or twice a year. He had his summer haircut in late May and was overdue for a bath. A couple of years ago he got an ear infection after a grooming from water in the ear, so I always stick cotton balls in his ears for his bath. I usually have to replace them a couple of times, because he shakes them out.

I use the sprayer as his shower head and he gets switched back and forth from one side of the sink to the other as he gets the soap off.

 I use a de-shedding shampoo, because he sheds like crazy and because his hair is wiry, he gets a conditioning treatment at every shampoo.

After his bath he gets towel dried and some of his hair gets trimmed. I then wrap him in an old chenille sweater of mine and he stays there until he is dried out. He loves getting wrapped up in the sweater and always gets super cozy.

Stella was super happy she didn’t get a bath, so I had to take a picture of her excitement.

Now to see more pets bathing head over to Elaine Mueller Tweedy of I Got the Shot Photography and then around the rest of this week’s very short blog circle until you are back here.

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