For the last few weeks of professional pet photography blog circle Project 52, we’ve been focused on exploring color in our work, but for Week 16 we move onto the theme of “Black and White.” Back in the day there was black and white film and then came along color and everyone wanted color images; however, there’s something to be said about images presented in black and white. Personally, I love black and white imagery and feel that it can be more evocative than color imagery.  Looking at the same image in both color and black and white can bring different emotions. Today, with the ease of converting images to black and white in the digital darkroom there’s no reason not to try it out more often (something I plan to do more of in my work.) Regardless of editing program used to convert your image, there’s always some fine tuning that needs to be done. Even in the days of film, images were tweaked to perfection in post production, so this kind of manipulation is nothing new.

As usual, Mr. Bojangles and I headed to our favorite local park and to our favorite posing log. I am presenting my images in both color and black and white so that you can see the difference color or absence of color makes to what you see or feel.

Now to see more in black and white, head over to Northeast PA Pet Photographer, Elaine Tweedy, and then around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here. 

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