It’s Week Two of professional pet photography blog circle Project 52 and our theme is “black & white.” I love black and white photos. They can be dark and mysterious. They can be bright and clean. They can make us feel nostalgic. They can provide a stark simplicity. They can be many things only limited by our imaginations and creativity. 

For this week, I chose to go with a stark simplicity that provides a very clean image. I shot the images in color, but with the limited color palette that is Mr. Bojangles, it worked very well converting the images over to black and white.
"Mr. Bojangles from Cincinnati dog photographer Pet Love Photography"Mr. Bojangles in Black and White"Cincinnati pet photographer's Mr. Bojangles in black and white"Mr. Bojangles rocks the black and white"Cincinnati dog photographer Pet Love Photography photographs Mr. Bojangles the cairnchi in black and white"

Next, head over to Pavlina Sanborn Photography, serving Southwest Florida to see more in black & white, and then head around the rest of this week’s blog circle until you end up back here. I’m happy to report that we, once again, have quite a good number of participants!

If you would like to book a custom pet portrait session in your home or other favorite location send us an email to suzi [at], or give us a call at 513-655.5696.

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