The year seems to be flying by! We’re already at week 38 of professional pet photography blog circle Project 52 and the theme of “blur.” I got my idea for executing this week’s theme while on a walk with Mr. Bojangles. The neighborhood we walk through has a couple of lakes and as we walked by one of them the other day a light bulb went off. So, for my example of blur, I chose the blurred reflection of the sky and trees in the lake. I like how the reflection provides a soft blurred image of the surrounding landscape, similar to an impressionistic painting. 

I then decided to execute another type of blur; this one from adjusting my camera settings to shoot at a wide open aperture of F1.8. Shooting at a wider aperture allows more of the background to blur creating a soft focus. The first two images were shot using natural light, but this last image utilized flash to compensate for the area of shade we were sitting in. With the wide open aperture you still get the blurred reflection, but now it is more blurred and the rocks behind Mr. Bojangles are also blurred.

To see more blur, head over to Northeastern Pennsylvania’s I Got the Shot Photography and then back here, which is the beginning and end of the blog circle this week.

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