It’s the first Friday and November and we’re at Week 44 of professional pet photography blog circle Project 52. Our theme for this week is “Bold Colors.” I was hopeful that the Autumn leaves would cooperate and give me some lovely bold colors, but there are still so many green trees. While I did get some bold colors, it wasn’t exactly what I wanted nor what I had hoped for, so the boldest color in each image will be Mr. Bojangles’ red sweater.

Because the weather has been hit or miss lately with rain and cold and because of my busy schedule, Mr. Bojangles has not been on a lot of outings, so I took this opportunity to give him a nice walk in the park and some time to run around the dog park. We like this park because of the dog park and the fact that it is often empty of other dogs. On this day, Mr. Bojangles got some time to run around before any other dogs showed up. He was joined by two labs, and subsequently joined by a Great Dane and a golden retriever. Mr. Bojangles has not always been a fan of big dogs being that he is so small, but has been getting better and did very well with all the dogs at the park, especially with the female lab.

Mr. Bojangles had a grand old time at the park and was not ready to leave when I was, but despite the sunny day my fingers were frozen from the cold so I decided it was time to leave. As you can see from the debris stuck in his beard, he had a great time digging and sniffing around the dog park.

Now, boldly go where the colors are and head over to see Browning Photography Dog Photography, serving Columbus, Ohio dogs and their families, and then around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here.

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