Our theme for Week 40 of professional pet photography blog circle Project 52 was “cinematic.” Cinematic is defined as “of or relating to motion pictures or having qualities or characteristics of motion pictures.” This week was quite a challenge trying to figure out a concept to shoot that was cinematic, but I think I did well in the end. At least, I’m pretty happy with my end result.

Mr. Bojangles and I braved a trip in the overcast and chilly weather this week to our favorite local park (and home to many of our Project 52 photo shoots.) I had been wanting to create a moody forest shot for a while, since this park has a path that curves through a tall stand of trees and felled wood. The overcast weather actually helped us out, so that we didn’t have any bright patches of sun bursting through the trees, and the chilly air helped us by keeping park patrons to a bare minimum (which meant less distractions for a certain curious little dog.) Since our theme was cinematic, I wanted to add a few special effects that you might find in a movie, so the the sparkling path of fairy dust is our homage to movie effects.

Scruffy blonde chihuahua terrier mix dog with fairy dust in forest

Now, for more cinematic images, head over to Albany, NY Pet Photographer, Stacey Gammon, and then around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here.

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