Hard to believe the years is closing down fast and we’re at Week 47 of professional pet photography blog circle Project 52. This week, our theme was “Depth of Field.” Basically, depth of field is the area of an image that is in focus. If an image has a shallow depth of field, a very small area of the image is in sharp focus and the rest is more blurry. Landscape photography typically has a  deep depth of field, because you want to see the entire landscape area in focus. Portrait photography often has a more shallow depth of field to highlight the subject. 

For this week’s theme, I decided to show an image with a shallow depth of field and a second image with a deeper depth of field. In order to achieve the shallow depth of field, I shot with my aperture wide open at F1.8.  You can see in this image how most of it is softly focused.

For the image with a deeper depth of field, I stopped my aperture down to F8. I also had to increase the amount of flash I used, as a smaller aperture lets less light into the camera. Because this image was taken with a smaller aperture, more of the image is in focus. You can see this in the finer details of the shaggy throw, Mr. Bojangle’s scruffy fur, and in how there is more detail showing in the backdrop, baseboard, and flooring.

For both images, I tried to keep the same amount of distance, so that you could easily see how the image is more blurry with the shallow depth of field taken with the wide open aperture. 

Now, for more depth of field, head over to Cynthia Wood, Toronto and Collingwood Pet Photographer, and then around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here (and the good news is, there are more of us participating this week).

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