Hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving! This is Week 48 of professional pet photography blog circle Project 52 and the theme of “digital darkroom.” We were tasked with showing of our post processing skills in the modern day darkroom, the computer. Most images don’t need a lot of manipulation in Photoshop or other editing programs, but sometimes I like to experiment with different textures or different types of editing and create something special. This week I used the same set as last week, because it was a busy week and I didn’t feel like messing around with my practice set too much, especially since I was going to be doing something more than normal in the post processing. I have an idea for using elements of my set for another fun image, so maybe I will get around to that one of these days when I’m feeling both creative AND ambitious.

So, for my “before” picture, we have Mr. Bojangles in an image that is free of post-processing manipulation other than a few basic adjustments that I do to all images. 

Next up is an image that has layer-upon-layer of texture added to it. I wanted to get a sort of grunge look to it, which is one of my favorite edits. It gives the image a kind of modern, edgy feel to it that takes it beyond just a photograph. Because I wanted Mr. Bojangles to stand out, I erased most of the textures off him leaving only a few of the more subtle ones.

Finally, wanting a more painted look, I took my image into another software and did a soft, painted edit to it giving it a completely different look. I really like taking images and making them so much more with painting and other effects. It’s extra work that really brings the art into the craft of photography. 

Head over to Pennsylvania’s I Got the Shot Photography to see the next and final stop of this week’s blog circle trip into the digital darkroom.

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