Week 51, our second to last week of this year’s professional pet photography blog circle Project 52, and the theme of “Dressed Up.” I love to dress Mr. Bojangles up—and he’s a pretty good sport about it, too—so this week’s theme could have gone many different ways (so many ideas rolling around in my head.) However, the first idea I had is the one I pretty much stuck with for this week. 

A few weeks back, when I got the email from Petco about their new Harajuku Lovers dog clothes line, I knew that I was going to have to get some things for Mr. Bojangles…especially after I saw the trilby hat! Unfortunately, it took me a couple weeks to find the items at a local Petco (after several very disappointing trips.) So, when this week’s theme came up, I was happy that I had finally found the items, because they were going to be his “dressed up” look (especially since I have a CD rack that looks like an old fashioned red English phone booth!)

Mr. Bojangles wasn’t too keen on the hat, but after a few treats he did much better wearing it than when I first put it on him.

Now for more dressed-up pets, head over to Hoof N Paw Fine Art & Photography, and then around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here.

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