It’s Friday, so we have another in our weekly professional pet photography Project 52 blog circle series. This week it’s Week 16 and we had a super fun and creative, yet hard theme…fantasy. I racked my brain all week trying to figure out where to go around Cincinnati in order to create some fun fantasy images with Mr. Bojangles, but I ended up taking some photos in the studio. I also incorporated some stock photography (a photo you purchase from a stock photography website to use according to the license terms) and a vacation photo from a few year ago to create this week’s fantasy images. I had a lot of ideas swirling around in my head, but in the end, the first image was dictated by how well I could fit one of the pictures of Mr. Bojangles into a stock image.

So, first up in our fantasy week is that daring aviator extraordinaire, Captain Bojangles.

 This was a super fun image to create. I went through quite a few different stock images before I settled on this one of the plane. Originally, it was just surrounded by clouds, but I overlayed it on a photo I took a few years back in Monterey, CA. I also added a lot of textures to this image to give it a stormy, foggy look.

Because Mr. Bojangles appears so tiny in this image, I wanted to do another fun image where he was a little more visible. So, next, we have Mr. Bojangles, the rockstar dog. 

Mr. Bojangles' secret life as a rockstar

He looks like he could give Bono a run for his money!

Even though this week ended up being a lot tougher than I thought it would be, I had fun creating these images. Let us know what you think in the comments. 

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