It’s finally Friday! This week seemed like it would never end, but here we are. We’re at Week 34 of professional pet photography blog circle Project 52 and our topic for the week is “golden hour.” The golden hour is the magic time in photography where the light is perfect. There are basically two golden hours per day (and they aren’t necessarily an hour, either) in the morning just after sunrise and in the evening just before sunset. 

For this week’s photos, Mr. Bojangles and I headed to our favorite local park. The problem with trying to photography at our favorite park for golden hour is that there are a lot of trees that block the sun and when you have a little dog, it becomes even more difficult to get the light just right. So, I used a couple of vintage suitcases I recently acquired to raise Mr. Bojangles up a little closer to the angle of the sun, so we could capture the magical light.  

Stay golden and head over to see Tracy Allard of Penny Whistle Photography fetching portraits in Coppell and surrounding communities in Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas, then go around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here.

If you would like to book a custom pet portrait session send us an email to suzi [at], or give us a call at 513.655.5696.  

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