It’s Week 32 if professional pet photography blog circle Project 52. This week our theme is “Happy.” As the person managing the blog circle group, I choose the weekly themes from suggestions or ideas found elsewhere. As such, I tried to make it easier on me by planning out most of the themes earlier this year. Ironically, this is the week that the theme of “happy” came up; ironic because I am anything but happy right now. My mom passed away unexpectedly two weeks ago today; we were very close and her passing has left a huge void in my life. So, right not I’m not really feeling the happy theme. However, I didn’t want to break my  participation in the blog, but because of having so many personal things going on right now, I was unable to actually take pictures this week. So, even though you’ve seen these pictures before, I wanted to share them this week because they do make me happy every time I see them.

This image of Paco is one that makes me smile with happiness every time I see it, because it just exudes joy.

Sunny Disposition Paco

Photographs of Mr. Bojangles always make me happy, but there are some that I just love, like this one from a couple of years ago.

Tropical Pup | Project 52 Week 2: Consider Your Vision | Cincinnati & San Francisco Pet Photography

Another image that makes me happy is Paco in his Doggles and motorcycle jacket. There is just something about it that makes me happy to look at it.

Mr. Bojangles and his fiancee Coco make me happy, especially this image from their recent engagement photo shoot. There’s not much cuter or happier than two little dogs in love (giving kisses in the second photo.)

Mr. Bojangles & Coco Temple of Love Engagement Photo | Cincincinnati

Chihuahua Love at Mt. Storm Park | Cincinnati

Finally, even though these pictures make me sad because my mother is gone, they also make me happy to see her smiling and happy in them. (Please excuse the quality of the following images as none of them are professional in nature; they vary in age, and are either scans of old photos or cell phone images.)
My mom started me off early with a love of animals.

My mom, dad, and I from some unknown Christmas where I’m wearing an oversized ugly sweater.

My mom in the Little Venice area of London. I remember it was a chilly, windy day.

My mom hiding from the camera a few years ago.

My mom with Howard Jones whom we met at a concert last year.

My mom at my house last Christmas.

My mom with Mr. Bojangles earlier this year.

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