Week 46 of professional pet photography blog circle Project 52 tasked us with the theme of “high key.” High key photography is typically characterized by a stark white background. High key photography blows out the shadows with the bright light, thereby creating low contrast. It lends itself well to black & white photography, but is also great for color. Not all high key photography has to be with stark white surround, but I like the cleaner look that it provides. For my high-key photography project this week, I used a white backdrop and a white reflective board for the floor. 

The image retains some shadows underneath Mr. Bojangles, because they are what anchors him to the floor; without the shadows he would look like he was floating in space. I also converted this same image to black & white.

Now, for more high key, head over to Pennsylvania’s I Got the Shot Photography, which is the next and final stop in this week’s blog circle of two. Hopefully, we will have more participants next week.

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