For Week 22 of professional pet photography blog circle Project 52 we conclude our exploration of lines with the ultimate line, the horizon. When we think of the horizon, we think of the line where what we can see of the land meeting the sky. Sometimes, however, we may not always be where we see the land meet the sky so we have to think of horizons as something a little different. 

As a pet photographer in the Greater Cincinnati area, I like to explore different locations (and not always just my favorite local park), because there are many parks around town that provide us with different landscapes and different views. For this week’s project, I took Mr. Bojangles and his bro, Paco, to Eden Park where there is a better chance of seeing a horizon that is not just trees (as is the problem with the suburbs where we live.) While my horizon in this images is primarily where the trees meet the sky, we actually get to see more of the sky because of the higher vantage point and more open view I took these from. These were taken from the end of Mirror Lake on the wall that is part of the old reservoir that was partially demolished in the 1950s.

Mr. Bojangles is not too happy in the above photo, because there is a sheer drop on the other side of the wall. For his safety, he was not only kept on a leash (edited out), but held under control by the ever-accommodating BF (and the same for Paco, as well).

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