It’s our third week for the year of professional pet photography blog circle Project 52 and this week it’s “all about the photographer.” So, first things first, I’ve always been creative from writing to drawing, to painting, to photography. Not only did I inherit my creativity from my mom I also inherited a love for animals. When I was little, I decided I wanted to be a photographer when I grew up. It wasn’t until years later after a career in fundraising and publishing that I was able to realize my dream.

Meeting a horse for the first time with my mom.

I grew up with cats and always had cats until I moved in with my significant other and we adopted our first dog, Stanley. Neither of us had ever had a dog and we didn’t know anything about beagles, so it was quite a learning curve. Stanley was an older dog when we adopted him and we don’t really know how old he was. What we do know is that he lived with us for five-and-a-half years and was the best dog. 

Stanley had bad separation anxiety (a problem we learned is common with beagles), so we decided to get him a friend. About eight months after we adopted Stanley, he was joined by Stella, the beagle/basset. Another rescue dog, we’re not really sure how old Stella was when we adopted her, but we think she was probably around two or three. We’ve now had Stella for just about 11 years.

For a while, we had two cats and two dogs…until 2011. A local rescue, Recycled Doggies, was having a big adoption event after a tragic fire destroyed the home of one of the founders. They were also having a “stuff the bus” food drive campaign for the pet food pantry they ran through last year. It was at this event that I fell in love with Mr. Bojangles, known as Rags at the time. It truly was love at first sight. It was also at this event that I discovered a new career of pet photographer thanks to local pet photographer, Carolyn Evans, The Phodographer. 

My very first sight of Mr. Boiangles.

Family portrait with Mr. Bojangles. He loves to go places and is happy to be with me wherever I go.

Mr. Bojangles is my inspiration for being a pet photographer. He is my muse. My model. My heart dog. My Superhero.


Besides Mr. Bojangles and Stella, there’s also, of course, Paco and Lola, and Diana the cat. Paco joined our pack in 2016, as did Diana. Lola is the newest addition to our little pack joining us this past October.

Paco is also a great model.

I fostered Diana and her kittens. 

  Lola, my new model.

I’m also the author of three books about rescue pet: “Rescue Dogs: Portraits and Stories;” “Rescue Cats: Portraits and Stories;” “Rescue Rabbits: Portraits of Bunnies Finding Happy Homes.”

One more thing about me is that today is my birthday. Here’s a selfie of me at my desk.

To learn more about other pet photographers in this blog circle head over to visit Jo Lyons Photography, the down-to-earth dog loving photographer for cherished dogs of Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and the Great Lakes Region of NSW. After you visit Jo head around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here.

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