For Week 29 of professional pet photography blog circle Project 52 we are following another lesson from “The Visual Toolbox: 60 Lessons for Stronger Photographers” by David DuChemin with the theme of “light: reflections.” When we are photographing our subjects, we need to be aware of everything the light is doing and one of those things that light does is create reflections on shiny objects such as water or glass. So, for this week’s exercise, I packed up Mr. Bojangles and my camera gear and we went to our favorite local park, since they have a nice, reflective lake.

As you can see in this first image, there were a few leaves floating through Mr. Bojangles’ reflection. Because editing the reflection can be a little tricky, I chose not to remove them in post-production, although I might try to do so with a little more work. Because of these items, his reflection isn’t as clear as it should be.

For this next image, I thought I would have some fun with the image and did some extra editing to make it look like the rock Mr. Bojangles is sitting on is out in the middle of the lake. A dark, mysterious lake. 

To see more reflections, head over to see what Little White Dog Pet Photography – Sioux Falls, SD, has for us and then head around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here.

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