Today is Friday and that means another professional pet photography Project 52 blog circle post. This week our theme was “dogs on rocks.” Lola and I headed to Sharon Woods to meet up with fellow blog circle member Shae Pepper and her dog, Truffles. Shae travels around the country with her husband and Truffles; they write about their experiences on their website “No Home Just Roam.” Truffles and Lola met last year and have been BFF’s ever since, so we had to get together while Truffles and her family were in Cincinnati. This was our second visit with them at Sharon Woods. Since we both needed to get some pictures for this week’s theme, we brought our cameras along for our walk.

Lola thoroughly enjoyed her visit to the park because she got to see her favorite thing…people. Both she and Truffles drew a fair amount of attention from other parkgoers, especially the kids we passed by on the playground. Plus, Lola is a total ROCKstar, as you can see from all of her pictures.

Truffles is a rockstar, too.

Next up in the blog circle is Pawtraits by Nicole, serving Las Vegas, Nevada, and surrounding areas, after you visit her head around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here. 

If you would like to book your own rockstar’s session, give us a call at 513.5696.

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