It’s Friday and we have another weekly installment of the Project 52 professional pet photography blog circle. Our theme for this week is “low key,” which in photography is when you use a lot of darker tones and shadows and don’t have your subject so brightly lit. I generally favor using high key photography which is brightly lit and often features an all white background, so I stepped a bit out of my comfort zone for this week and tried to amp up the darker moodiness. I’m not sure how well I succeeded, but at least one of my subjects was a little moody, as you will see. LOL!

First up is my new rockstar supermodel Lola. She is just perfect in front of the camera. I am going to have so much fun photographing her!

I next photographed Paco, my perfect poser. He’s so properly mannered and when he lays down he even crosses his front paws. He’s also really good about sitting on command (especially when it’s followed by a treat.)

Finally, Mr. Bojangles got in on the low-key action. As you can see from his little grump-face that he was not in the mood to be the subject of a moody photograph. LOL!

For a low-key turn around the blog circle, head over to see Elaine with I Got the Shot Photography, serving Northeastern PA and surrounding areas, and then follow the links until you end up back here. 

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