It’s Week 10 of professional pet photography blog circle Project 52 and our theme this week is “minimalist” According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, minimalism is “characterized by extreme spareness or simplicity.” Generally, I would interpret this theme as an opportunity to do some photos on a plain white background (which is one of my favorites), but I decided to try a minimalist approach to photographing Mr. Bojangles outdoors. I was helped in this regard by my choice of 70-200mm lens which very nicely blurred out the background so as to minimize its distraction from my subject. 

Mr. Bojangles was seated on a stump and I tried to keep as little of it as possible in my frame so as to not distract from my subject. I wanted my minimalistic approach to be all about focusing on my subject, Mr. Bojangles.

For more of less, head over to read the blog from Elaine Tweedy of I Got The Shot Photography, serving pets and their people in Northeastern PA,  then head around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here.

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