It’s Week 23 of professional pet photography blog circle Project 52. This week our theme is “movement.” Trying to show motion in photography can be accomplished in several ways. I tried to get a couple different methods in, but with varying degrees of success. I had a super busy week, this past week so didn’t have a lot of time to work on my assignment; I will definitely revisit the subject of movement again in the future.

For this week’s theme, I took pictures of Mr. Bojangles outside our home of him running towards me (which is what he likes to do to greet me when I’ve been out for a while), as well as running away from me. In the first image, Mr. Bojangles is completely in focus and you can get the sense of motion. because not all of his paws are touching the ground.

In this next image, Mr. Bojangles is somewhat blurry due to his movement. You can see how my focus was locked on the sidewalk right in front of where I was sitting, but since Mr. Bojangles was moving, he moved out of the focus area and because slightly blurry. You can, however, still see that not all his feet are touching the ground.

In this final image, you can get the sense of motion from not only the BF’s feet towards the top of the image but from the fact that Mr. Bojangles’ feet aren’t touching the ground.

To see the next movement of this dance, head over to Darlene with Pant the Town Pet Photography, serving MA and NH, and then around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here.

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