It’s Week Seven of professional pet photography blog circle Project 522 and I finally got outside! Since our theme this week was “Natural Light” (no, not the beer), I thought I should take my pictures outside. It’s not that the weather here in Cincinnati has been bad, it’s just been weird. Some days are sunny and moderate and other days are windy and cold. As always, Mr. Bojangles was very happy to get out of the house for a walk and a photo shoot in our favorite local park. We brought Paco along, too. Paco doesn’t like the cold and isn’t really a fan of walks, so he rode in his stoller all bundled up in a blanket. We stopped for pictures at our favorite posing log.

And, since they were wearing their sock monkey sweaters, I thought I would take a picture of Mr. Bojangles with his sock monkey hoodie pulled up…there’s pretty much nothing cuter!

For more natural light images, head over to see what EMV Photography, serving the Yarra Valley and surrounding areas, has for us, and then take a trip around the rest of the blog circle. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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