For Week 10 of our professional pet photography blog circle Project 52 our theme is “patterns.” This was a little difficult, so it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do. Then, I remembered the great brick pattern in Downtown Montgomery. I’d photographed Mr. Bojangles there before several years ago, so it was the perfect time to revisit the spot for a new photo shoot.

This first image gives you a good overview of the brick pattern.

For a different perspective of the brick pattern, I got on the ground.

I love this next shot. It was a little windy and you can see Mr. Bojangles’ scruff blowing in the wind.

Finally, we have a closeup of the scruffy little model standing on the bricks so not much of the overall pattern is visible.

For more pattern fun, head over to Linda of DogShotz Photography, serving Indianapolis, IN, and then head around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here.

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