It’s Week 18 of professional pet photography blog circle Project 52 and our topic is rescue dogs. Over the years I’ve photographed many rescue dogs in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. As an animal lover and a pet photographer, part of my mission is to give back to rescue animals in need by trying to help them get adopted through providing professional quality adoption photos. I also photograph other rescue animals from cats and rabbits to guinea pigs, birds, and more. Some of my favorite images that I’ve captured are of rescue pets I was photographing for their adoption bio.

These first two images of puppies are a couple of my favorites that I photographed for a local rescue a few years ago. The dog in the first portrait was also one that I transported from a rural pound. 

One of my favorite Cincinnati rescue dogs I photographed was this basset hound, Molly. Molly currently is living her best life with her basset siblings.

Another favorite rescue dog I photographed is Stella, a Northern Kentucky resident for many years before she and her mom moved to New Jersey. She was already adopted when I photographed her, but rescue clients are some of my favorites. Stella is 16 years old and she and her mom just celebrated 10 happy years together. Stella was a puppy mill dog but left that all behind when she met her mom, Aurora.

These are just a few different rescue dogs that I’ve photographed over the years and I’m always looking to photograph more whether its a Rescue dog in Greater Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky that needs a high-quality adoption photo or YOUR rescue dog that you’re looking to commemorate with a portrait session.
Up next in the blog circle is Jemma Martin of JM PHOTOGRAPHY. Pet photography specialist in Suffolk, East Anglia, UK. Capturing Character. After you visit Jemma, head around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here.

If you are involved with a rescue that needs help with adoption photos or if you’d like to schedule a photoshoot for your pet at your favorite outdoor location, send an email to suzi [at]

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