If you’re not sure what day it is these days, let me assure you that today is Friday. I know that because it’s time for another professional pet photography Project 52 blog circle post. It’s Week 13 and our theme is “shallow depth of field.” Shallow depth of field may not sound like a good topic for a time when we’re supposed to be social distancing, but it’s actually the perfect time because you don’t have to be close to your subject to get a shallow depth of field. Basically, a shallow depth of field is a small field in your image where your subject is in focus and everything else is blurred. This can actually be accomplished several ways and one of those ways is by using a longer lens. For my images this week I used two different lenses to show you the effects of depth of field. 

This first image was shot with a 70-200mm lens at 200mm. The parts of the chair that are on the same focal plane as Lola’s face are in focus while everything else is blurred.
This next image was shot with a 50mm lens with an aperture f1.4, so I had to get pretty close to Mr. Bojangles to take it. It has an extremely shallow depth of field with his eyes being the most in focus of everything.

This last image was also shot with the 50mm lens, but with an aperture of f1.8 and slightly more distance between me and Mr. Bojangles so the background is not quite as blurry as in the previous image.

See what shallow depth of field is working for Colleen of Simply Col Photography – for the love of photography and pound pups, and then head around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here.

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