It’s Week 7 of professional pet photography blog circle Project 52 and this week we are telling “Tales of Tails.” Dogs tails say a lot if you know what to look for. Besides possibly helping to identify breeds, you can also determine what mood a dog is in or what emotion they are feeling. Since dogs can’t speak words, their tails often tell the tale of what they have to say.

I found a really good article about what dogs are communicating with their tails on the VCA Hospitals website. As someone who works with many rescue dogs and often those that come from difficult backgrounds, it’s important to know what dogs are trying to communicate when they hold their tail a certain way or even by how they wag it.

I recently photographed some adoptable dogs at the League for Animal Welfare in Batavia and several of the dogs I photographed told quite a few tales with their tails. We have Allie, Kenner, and Raisin; take a look at their tales and see what you think they’re trying to say.

Next up with her tales of tails is Colleen of Simply Col Photography – for the love of photography and pound pups. After you check out her blog, visit the other members of the circle before you end your trip back here.

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