I really got lucky for Week 42 of professional pet photography blog circle Project 52 and our theme of “texture.” I decided I needed a day off, so took Mr. Bojangles for an outing and a visit to the park. We hadn’t been to Symmes Park in quite a while and decided to head over to see what was going on with the Fall colors. I’ve gotten some great Fall images of Mr. Bojangles in this park before and, even though it’s still a little early, wanted to see what the trees held in store. We got even luckier than just the beginnings of some Fall color, because the park was set up for a Halloween themed event that was going on later that night. 

The path back to the dog park was decorated with creepy tableaux and spooky park patrons. We stopped for several impromptu pictures along the way. We also saw that some other dogs weren’t too thrilled with the ghoulish intruders and barked their way back to the dog park. Mr. Bojangles, being a great and mighty chi wasn’t phased, except for the creepy skeletons playing the banjo…but who doesn’t run when they hear banjos start playing in the woods?

We didn’t venture past the dog park area, so not sure what other spooktacular delights awaited event patrons, but we saw some that would definitely put a spring in my step after dark. We did a little photo shoot on the wooden steps leading down to the creek area, and when we were finished, the dog park was empty of the barking trio of dogs for Mr. Bojangles to enjoy. (They were BIG dogs, which is something Mr. Bojangles is not a huge fan of…especially at a dog park.) 

Mr. Bojangles provides plenty of texture to this image just with his scruffy fur, but I also love the texture provided by the leaves on the ground around him.

Now, to see some more texture, head over to Boston pet photographer, Blue Amrich Studio and then around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here.

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