Urban. It’s our theme for Week 14 of professional pet photography blog circle Project 52. It’s also one of my favorite themes. I love doing urban shoots and also find them to be quite popular with clients. There’s nothing like showing an iconic city landmark or even just the city streets where you live. Instead of heading to Downtown Cincinnati, though, I decided to do a different take on urban for this week’s theme; especially considering it was Opening Day on the day Mr. Bojangles and I headed out on our mission. Unless you are headed for Opening Day festivities or the baseball game, it’s not a day to head to Downtown Cincinnati. So, we headed to Mt. Adams and Eden Park instead.

Our first stop was the Cincinnati Art Museum steps.

Since I was by myself, it was a bit of a chore to get Mr. Bojangles to pose where I wanted him to, so I took what I could get. We’ll have to come back with an assistant to help wrangle him in place. This little video clip is what I was dealing with…

Unfortunately, it was a pretty overcast day and it, in fact, started to rain before our photo shoot was over. However, I did manage to get an image that shows a hint of Spring’s colorful emergence.

As we were driving away, I noticed that there were some spots with views of the Cincinnati skyline and thought this would be perfect to incorporate into our urban theme.
Here’s the unedited view from my iPhone. You can see just how dreary the day was.  It started to rain just a few minutes later.

There was a concrete bench where I could place Mr. Bojangles to fit him into the view. If there were more leaves on the trees, you definitely wouldn’t get this same view from this spot as it would be obstructed by leaves.

I felt this next image would benefit from an impressionistic painted effect. I mean, we were at the art museum, and couldn’t you just imagine this being a rain-soaked Parisian scene?

The Cincinnati Art Museum, Eden Park, and Mt. Adams are great locations for a photo shoot and I will definitely be incorporating them into my urban location options. Mr. Bojangles and I will also be revisiting these locations on a less grey and rainy day.

For more urban appeal, head over to see Rochelle from Dark Sapphire Pet Photography, Nelson, New Zealand, and then around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here.

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