It’s another Friday and that means time for another professional pet photography blog circle Project 52 post. Our theme this week was “water,” which totally should have been the theme last week with all the rain that we had here. Since the theme was water, I had several location ideas I thought about trying out, the first one was a place I’d been wanting to take some pictures for a while and I happened to be in the area. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do the location justice, because I felt very uncomfortable there alone with just Mr. Bojangles, who also was visibly nervous. 

Our first location was an area with tons of graffiti (which is why I’d been wanting to shoot there), but it is kind of isolated and there were two sketchy men hanging out in the bushes at the entrance to the area. Normally, I’m not one to be afraid in a situation like that and usually will go just about anywhere alone, but there was something about them that made me nervous and so I wanted to get in and out as quickly as possible. Mr. Bojangles also felt the kind of off vibe, so wasn’t posing very comfortably and didn’t want to stray very far from me. So, I shot a couple of frames and then quickly booked it back to the car.

After both Mr. Bojangles and I were safely locked in the car and headed home, I decided we should go for a walk at our favorite local park. Conveniently, the park also has a lake, so we could get some more images featuring water for this week’s post.

Sadly, our brief period of Fall foliage ended with all of last week’s rain, so there are very few trees left with leaves. Fortunately, one of the trees very close to the lake had shed its bright yellow leaves in the grass, presenting me with my favorite image. You can see in the water’s reflection just how overcast our day was.

The last two images by the water were taken on the dock by the lake.

Now for more watery goodness, head over to see Kim, while on location in Southern California attending Retreats by BARKography, and then around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here.

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