It’s another Friday, so that means we have another professional pet photography Project 52 blog post. This week our theme was “wide angle.” With that in mind, I wanted to make sure I got some landscape background in the wide angle shot. While I don’t have a super wide angle lens, I do have a lens that opens to 24mm. I also have a 14mm lens, but since it’s manual focus I have hit or miss luck with using it (I really need to get a new pair of glasses as my prescription is old.) As luck would have it, or in this case for many, no luck at all for those affected, the Ohio River was experiencing high levels resulting in areal flooding.

Because Downtown Cincinnati sits on the banks of the Ohio River, the best place to view the city skyline is from Northern Kentucky. To that end, we went to Newport on the Levee to get a view of the flooding and the city. Since it was a sunny day, although still a little cool, we weren’t the only ones that had the same idea. In the first image, Mr. Bojangles is more interested in another dog than in paying attention to me.  You can see how high the river is as there is hardly any clearance under the bridge…and this was before the river crested at over 60 feet.

This image was taken with my 24mm-120mm lens at about 30mm.

This image was taken using my 50mm lens. It’s still on the wider side, but not so wide as the first lens.

The next day was warmer and sunnier, so Mr. Bojangles and I packed up and headed to Alms Park in Cincinnati to get a different perspective on the Ohio River flooding. We also got a view of flooding from the tributary Little Miami River, but some of the flooding from the Little Miami had already receded. The brown ribbon in the middle is the Ohio River.

This image was taken with the 24mm-120mm lens at around 40mm.

For more wide-angle perspective, head over to read the blog from Tracy Allard of Penny Whistle Photography fetching family portraits in Coppell, Texas and surrounding communities in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, then head around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here.

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