Happy New Year!

Welcome to a bonus week of professional pet photography blog circle Project 52. Due to the way the calendar falls, we actually have a week in between the end of our 2015 blog circle and the beginning of our 2016 blog circle themes. We will be exploring new themes in 2016, but for now here’s a Year-in-Review of some of my favorite images from this past year’s Project 52 themes.

First up is our theme from Week 8: Black & White. I love the depth and emotion that a black & white image can convey. While I’ve photographed Mr. Bojangles in a similar post at this location in color, there’s something a little different about the way it feels in black & white. While Mr. Bojangles is at one of our favorite local parks, Sharon Woods, this image could just as easily be in a 1950’s Parisian park.

One of my next favorite images comes from Week 11: Something Silly. I love the series of images from this week, but none more so than this one that conveys just how much personality Mr. Bojangles possesses.

One of my absolutely favorite images comes from Week 19: Architecture. Taken at Cincinnati’s Union Terminal last May, I just love this image with the tiny Mr. Bojangles in front of one of the most iconic Cincinnati landmark. Once a bustling train station, Union Terminal now houses several museums as The Museum Center. I love this image so much, I have a 40″ x 60″ (yes, that is pretty big) canvas on my living room wall.

Next up are two images from Week 23: Downtown. I really love architectural and urban settings for images. These images were taken in Downtown Cincinnati at the Smale Riverfront Park. The first one is Mr. Bojangles with the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge in the background and the second one is Mr. Bojangles with the backdrop of urban Cincinnati streets behind him.

My next favorite image is one of my all-time favorite images I’ve taken…ever. This was from Week 35: Red and was taken at Cincinnati’s Union Terminal (a really fantastic backdrop.) Union Terminal was the model for the Super Friends’ Hall of Justice, so what better way to show the theme red than have Mr. Bojangles wear a red cape in front of this building.

I’d been wanting to do a fun, creative image like this one from Week 40: Cinematic  for a long time, so jumped at the chance when this theme came up.

Fall is my favorite season, and I love taking Mr. Bojangles out for photo shoots among the colors of Fall, which is why this image from Week 42: Texture is among my favorites for 2015.

I really like the stark simplicity of high key photography, so it’s a no brainer that Week 46: High Key reveals another one of my favorites from 2015.

And, finally, my last favorite of the year is from the recent Week 51: Dressed Up. I really love the little outfit Mr. Bojangles is wearing in this one, so how could this not be one of my favorites from 2015.

Now, to see another year-in-review for Project 52, head over to Ono Pet Photography in Fairhope, Alabama, and normally I’d say “and then around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here”, but we two are the blog circle this week. Hope you enjoyed revisiting some of my favorite images from Project 52 for 2015.

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May you have a healthy and happy 2016!

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