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At first, I thought it wad a joke. Spam email. Late one Friday in December, I received an email through my website contact form from a publisher asking if I wanted to showcase my images in a book. My images? In a book? And this isn’t a joke? And you found me via Google? I recognized the publishing company as one that publishes educational photography books, so knew it was a real company, but still…so, I asked a group of photographer friends what they thought, and they said go for it. So I did.

The publisher and I exchanged a few emails and then we talked. I submitted a number of images for the publisher to review and they then decided what kind of book they wanted to publish. While the original email mentioned my cat images, they decided to go with dogs first. Thus, my new book, “Rescue Dogs: Portraits and Stories,” was born.

I was assigned an editor to work with and given a template to decide which images I would use and then write copy for each image. Once I completed that it was off to the editor. I then waited for the editor to work her magic. I was so excited when my proof finally came! It finally made everything so real. My pictures in a book. My name on the cover of the book. Even more real is the fact the book (MY book) is currently available for pre-order on Amazon. There is something utterly surreal about seeing your name listed as an author on Amazon.

The idea behind the book, besides showcasing my images of all these wonderful dogs, is to help raise awareness that rescue dogs are good dogs. You can find all kinds of dogs in rescues and shelters and they make fantastic members of your family. Images in the book feature a variety of breeds and include puppies, adults, seniors, and dogs with special needs. Many of the dogs were photographed while in rescue and others were already in their forever homes. Only a few dogs in the book have yet to find their happy ending.

As part of raising awareness of rescue dogs and as part of my mission to give back to pets in need, I am donating proceeds of this book to three different organizations. First, I’m donating to Recycled Doggies in Cincinnati. They are the rescue that saved Mr. Bojangles from a high-kill shelter in rural Kentucky. They are a small, all volunteer, foster-based rescue group that saves dogs from death row.

The second organization is Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco. Senior dogs hold a special place in my heart as my very first dog, Stanley, was a senior when we adopted him. Muttville’s mission is to change the way the world thinks about older dogs. They provide foster homes for dogs that are viably adoptable and provide end-of-life and hospice care for those dogs that are not good adoption candidates. Senior dogs are great dogs and shouldn’t be discarded just because they are old. Muttville works to make sure these pets don’t die alone and unloved or before their time is up.

The third organization I’m donating to is HeARTs Speak, an international organization of artists dedicated to making sure that no shelter or rescue pet goes unseen. One of the reasons that I donate my time to rescues and shelter organizations is to make sure that all adoptable pets have high-quality photographs to help them get seen by potential adopters; this is also why I joined my fellow artists as a member of HeARTs Speak. Additionally, HeARTs Speak also offers their Perfect Exposure Project, which provides training and a camera to animal shelter volunteers and staff so they can take better photos of the pets in their care and help them get adopted faster by being seen. 

So, when you buy my book, “Rescue Dogs: Portraits and Stories,” not only are you getting a book with high-quality images of dogs, but you are helping to give back through the donations the book will generate to three worthy organizations. 

If you would like to book a pet portrait session for your own pet(s) with Pet Love Photography send an email to suzi [at] or give us a call at 513.655.5696.

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